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International Money Transfer From India to Egypt

INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSFER FROM INDIA TO EGYPT We strongly encourage you to use an international money transfer from India to Egypt if your friends, family, or loved ones living abroad are having financial troubles. It could be for semester fees, a business setback with a relative, or even a medical emergency. The most effective solution to these issues is an international money transfer.

The RBI has identified the purposes of remittance.

RBI's most popular reasons for remittances include overseas schooling, student living expenditures, gift remittance, emigration, tour remittance, medical treatment, participation in a global conference or training, corporate travel, and private visits. Our advice will be helpful in this scenario because the criteria and procedures vary based on the source.

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Processes that are easy to follow should be used.

Money transfer from India to Egypt is not as complicated as you think.

We guarantee that we will provide you with the most efficient and straightforward international money transfer solutions.

The documents that we need

  • A copy of the sender's Indian passport, Aadhaar Card, or any other government-issued picture identification card
  • Pan Card
  • A copy of the beneficiary's passport is required.
  • Evidence of Relationship in the Case of remitting to Close Relatives Abroad
  • The sender's bank account statement if the service provider needs it.

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What is the maximum number of transactions that can be made?

The maximum amount of money you can send to any beneficiary account overseas should not exceed 250000 USD in a financial year. However, there are no restrictions on the number of transactions you can do within the transaction limit. If you join hands with us for an international money transaction from India to Egypt, your records will be retained, making future transactions more accessible and speedier.

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There are no additional fees for transactions.

We will always make it a priority to keep you from overspending. You'll indeed be charged a flat fee comparable with market rates, but we'll make sure you don't lose any more money due to hidden transaction fees. You'll get a payment receipt, and the entire transaction will be logged and available for review. As a result, we are the best option for international money transfers from India to Egypt. So don't waste any more time; the distance between us has been bridged with a single mouse click.

What is the best way to send money internationally from India to Egypt?

If you need to send money abroad from India, particularly from India to Egypt, don't hesitate to contact us by visiting our website and submitting a query, or call us at 1800 102 0555 WhatsApp us at +91 8129922232 or email us at You can go to any remitforex-Unimoni branch in India for less complicated international money transfers from India.

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    • Purchasing Overseas Property or a Holiday Home Abroad.
    • Paying for Overseas Education Fees for Child or Grandchild.
    • Overseas Acquisitions or Divestments.
    • Transmitting Funds to Friends or Family Who Live Overseas.
    • Paying for Accommodation/luxury Holidays Overseas.

    Please visit our and put a question or speak with us at the toll-free digit 1800 102 0555 or WhatsApp us at +91 8129922232 or mail us

    • Beneficiary Bank Name & Address
    • Beneficiary Name & Address (as given in bank)
    • SWIFT Code & IBAN number
    • Beneficiary Account Number

    For more details, contact our toll-free number 1800 102 0555 or WhatsApp us at +91 8129922232 or mail us at

    Earlier, in 2007, RBI had fixed the maximum limit of sending money to an overseas bank account to USD 2,00,000 per year. After the rupee weakened, RBI reduced this limit in 2013 to USD 75,000 per year. With a stronger value of the rupee, RBI has now increased the maximum limit to USD 2, 50,000 (as of May 26, 2015).