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Send Money Abroad From India to Poland

SEND MONEY ABROAD FROM INDIA TO POLAND Have you heard about the simple methods for sending money abroad from India to Poland to meet an urgent need? Don't worry; we've got all you need to know about the most acceptable ways to send money internationally from India to Poland and the most dependable sources on which you can rely for your money transfer. Prepare to send money without any worries now.

Transfer money from india to Poland – remit forex

Documentations required

Your legitimate ID evidence and a PAN Card are vital documents when sending money abroad.

These credentials will make it easier for you to make an international money transfer from India to Poland.

Keep these in mind while sending money from India to Poland.

Always verify the foreign currency rates before sending money abroad, and then complete the transaction. Because foreign currency rates fluctuate frequently, it is vital to examine the rate before selecting a service provider, mainly if the amount is significant.

It is generally advised to rely on reputable service providers who supply consistent transfer prices, whether regularly or at irregular intervals.

As indicated by regulators, authentic service providers frequently adhere to the correct norms and rules, which are commonly designed with clients' best interests in mind. As a result, such service providers for international money transfers from India to Poland are dependable and secure.

It's typically a good idea to seek guidance from a business specialist or at least from someone who has experience in the foreign exchange market to help you with the fundamentals and other know-how and cheap options.

Send Money To Poland

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Take a note for a Safe and lighting fast international money transfer.

  • Trusted remittance service provider: For a safe and hassle-free international money transfer from India to Poland to other countries, use an official dealer having an AD I, AD II, or FFMC license from the RBI.
  • Be aware of your transactional limit: The RBI has set several limits and rules for those receiving money from India under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme. A resident individual can remit up to USD 250,000 each fiscal year for their needs in another country.
  • Foreign exchange rates: Try to compile information on the most recent exchange rates and associated fees for the services available to ensure a seamless and cost-effective transfer of funds from India to Poland to other countries.

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If you are looking to make an international payment from India, particularly from India to Poland, please get in touch with us by visiting our website and submitting a query, or by calling us at 1800 102 0555 . WhatsApp us at +91 8129922232 or emailing us at You can also visit any Unimoni- remitforex branch in India, for a hassle-free and quick transfer from India.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fee Amounts to Universities in Poland
  • Living Costs of Indian Students in Poland
  • Remittance by tour operators to agencies or hotels in Poland
  • Supervision of close families
  • Govt published photo ID evidence of the sender (Passport/Voter’s ID/Aadhaar Card)
  • PAN card replica of the sender
  • Filled A2 Form cum statement with marked by the sender
  • Objective proof (University letter/Prospectus) stating the amount to be transmitted and statement details (for tuition fee payments only)
  • Beneficiary Bank Name & Address
  • Beneficiary Name & Address (as given in bank)
  • SWIFT Code & IBAN number
  • Beneficiary Account Number

A safe and secure way to send money to Poland is to work with a money transfer service platform like remitforex.

On intermediate, it just takes between 1-2 business days to transmit funds to Poland from India with remitforex. If the money transfers process takes longer than that, the delay is probably caused by your recipient's bank account.

Permission is supplied to help you with your questions and transactions via “remitforex” on our website: and a query or chatter with us at the toll-free digit 1800 102 0555 or WhatsApp: +91 8129922232 or send us at