Germany is one of the best country for people who foster the wish to study internationally. Altogether, more than 400 educational institutions are opening their doors to students from all over the world. To move to Germany and pursue a degree, however, you must apply for a visa before beginning your trip to Germany, and frequently, a blocked account is necessary.

What is a German blocked account?

A German blocked account is a special German bank account specifically created for internationals who intend to visit Germany for the purpose of studying, seeking a job or related activities. You can open your German blocked account while in your home country processing the needed documents to travel like visa, residence permit etc. As per the rule of this account, the money will be blocked for your entire stay in Germany. The money to be kept or blocked in the account will act as a guarantee to uphold a standard of living abroad as per German authorities. Even if the amount you deposited is your own money, you do not have access to the whole amount at once. You can get a monthly allowance from any German bank of your choice. A blocking confirmation will be provided by your service provider as soon as you deposit the required amount. This is the required document you need to submit along with your visa or residence permit. It also acts as financial proof.

How do you open a Blocked Bank Account in Germany?

Opening a blocked bank account in Germany can be done with a few simple steps:

  • Choose the Service provider.
  • Apply for your blocked account online.
  • Download and complete the application in PDF format.
  • Deposit your funds
  • Get confirmation

Documents to open a German blocked account.

The documents required to open a German blocked account depend on your nationality and service provider. You will only need a passport to register an account and will receive a confirmation within 24 hours if you are an expatriate.

Documents needed to open with a Deutsche Bank:

  • An application form
  • Your valid passport
  • The admission letter from your university
  • Pan card


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Blocked account germany 2022

From the 2022 winter semester, the amount of € 934.00 must be blocked for every month that you are planning to stay in Germany as a student – this would be approx. €11,000.00 for one year. However, we strongly recommend that you check the required sum at the website of the local embassy or respective authority. Also, there are certain kinds of visa that require a 10%-increase of the standard monthly blocked amount. This applies to the following types of visa:

  • Visa for the recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Visa for language acquisition and visa for the purpose of applying for a course of study or apprenticeship (§§ 16d, 16f (1), 17 AufenthG – German Residence Act)

If you plan to apply for one of the mentioned visas, please make sure to increase the monthly amount by 10%

How to Transfer Money to the Blocked Account in Germany?

One of the steps you need to go through when opening your German blocked account is to deposit the required money. it may take 2 to 5 days to get a confirmation and you will receive a confirmation that your blocked account has been opened with the amount you have deposited.

If you want to transfer money to a blocked account in Germany, you must get the correct information before making any transfer decision. Initially, you want to find an option that is simple, efficient, as well as budget- friendly. Nowadays, sending and receiving money has become a lot simpler than it used to be back in the day, and banks are no longer the only option you can use to transfer your money from one country to the other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone studying in Germany without a blocked account should produce their financial status. You can study in Germany by providing one of the following documents:

  • A record of your parent's income and financial situation.
  • Certificate of Scholarship from a recognized Scholarship Provider.
  • Verbinding Statement (Letter of Commitment): A relative or close friend who lives permanently in Germany can assure you that they will pay all your costs while you are a student by signing this form.
  • A bank promise.
  • we always recommend keeping money in blocked fund

International students frequently complain that it takes longer than it should confirm the opening of their blocked account. The date of your application may cause this delay in addition to the bureaucratic procedures that frequently lengthen it.

There are instances when banks are overworked from their regular job or get many applications from international students. Your Sperrkonto may take longer to open as a result.

The fact that German colleges receive a lot of applications and cannot review them all at once is a good thing. If you apply early in advance, you can get an advantage over other successful candidates who receive their admissions letters later. As a result, we urge you to start the process as soon as you receive your admissions letter. To avoid delay, you have to choose the path of unlocking your blocked account well in advance.

The length of time it takes to create a blocked account in Germany depends on various elements, including your nationality, the provider, the pace of the German embassy's operations in your place of residence, your paperwork, etc. If everything goes as planned, your account will be opened within a week.

Every service provider will refund the money deposited in your blocked account if your account gets rejected. However, this procedure may take up to two weeks, as reported by many students. It solely depends on the service providers. The Expatriate will transfer back all the funds, including the fees for opening the account in case of visa refusal.

The processing fees may vary accordingly. You need to be concerned about setup costs and monthly account maintenance fees when comparing fees for opening a German blocked account.

When you are settled in a registered address in Germany, you can withdraw money from your blocked account. But remember that you will not have direct access to your blocked account in Germany. The only way is to open a student bank account in Germany, where you will receive the transferred money monthly.

As of today, You are allowed to withdraw an approx. amount of €861/ month. You can start more amount if you have deposited more money. This amount to your account is transfered from your Sperrkonto to the regular account. You can freely draw the money from here.

Yes, you can deposit. This amount is only the minimum amount to apply for a student visa. The German government ensures you are safe to live in Germany for at least one year.

A blocked account is only one way of proving that your financial standing is as required. With that said, there may be other forms you prove it, but you need to ask at the German consulate beforehand. For example, you may have a relative residing in Germany who guarantees he will cover the cost of your stay in Germany.

You can register your residence in Germany at the Resident’ Office Registration or Einwohnermeldeamt as it is known in the German language. Within two weeks of your arrival in Germany, you have to register your address. The bank will need it to send details of your blocked account once you arrive in Germany.

Yes. The Association of Banks in Germany participates in the Deposit Protection national scheme under which every German bank guarantees to protect deposits with up to 20% of their total capital. And you have pay a low monthly fee for maintaining blocked account.