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GIC payment to Canada

What is GIC

GIC stands for "Guaranteed Investment Certificate," a short-term liquid investment usually for a year offered by Canadian Banks. As per the Citizen Immigration Canada (CIC) requirements under Student Partner Program (SPP) Visa, the students applying under SPP Visa Category for studies in Canadian Colleges are required to invest CAD 10,000 in the form of GIC with Canadian Banks.

Overview of Student GIC Application Process:

Opening a blocked bank account in Germany can be done with a few simple steps:

  1. Register through our Secure Mail Service.
  2. Complete the Student Account application online before you submit
  3. As soon as the application is submitted successfully, a student account number is generated.
  4. According to the guidelines on the account confirmation page, deposit your money into your student account. A confirmation email will also be delivered to your secure mailbox.
  5. Once the money has been credited to your student account, a confirmation of your investment balance will be delivered to your safe mailbox. With this confirmation, you can apply for a Canadian Study Permit.
  6. After a successful in-person verification upon your arrival in Canada, we will open a personal checking account for you. Additionally, we'll open a GIC account and transfer the money to your new checking account.

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) account

Overseas Education and pertaining to a job there itself has become a trend among us. Canada is such a country to opt for higher studies. The emigration process being easy also makes Canada an attractive place for Indian students. Attractive job opportunities are also another vital thing for concern.

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is a lifesaver for students intending to travel to Canada. It helps to apply for a study permit by meeting the immigration, refugee and other student needs while studying in Canada. It is a low-risk investment guaranteed to protect you with the exchange rates. A GIC account means saving towards a particular goal, like a down payment.

GIC stands as a promise to the Government of Canada that there is enough money in your account for your well-being away from your hometown. It also helps in the quick processing of your VISA.

It acts as a basic checking account for the students. So parents can quickly transfer funds. Both cash withdrawals and deposits can also be made with GIC. It also acts as a VISA card with a monthly withdrawal of CAD 750.

The GIC account application is entirely online and provides funding details instantly.


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Study direct stream program

There are two ways to apply to Canadian colleges. They are as follows:

  1. Study direct stream program: It is a program developed for India, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam. Here Visa processing is comparatively easy.
  2. The general application program is when the student finds a particular college course and then applies for it.

How to start a GIC account in Canada?

Most of the banks in Canada provide an online process to start a GIC account. After opening the GIC account, the bank will give an invoice with payment instructions to the GIC account to get the GIC payments to Canada credited. A step-by-step procedure is mentioned below:

  • Complete a one-time registration, and an activation link will be sent to your email address. Visit the nearest Canadian post office, and your activation is done in the next 15 minutes.
  • Login with your username and password. It will lead you to our registered bank partner, the ICICI bank home page.
  • Generate the password instantly with the given security questions.
  • Fill your personal details carefully as per the shared documents.
  • Your account information will be instantly upon submission.
  • Take a copy of the account confirmation and funding details to the local banks to transfer funds to your accounts.
  • Fund the student account with a minimum of $10,175 because rejection can happen with less amount..
  • Page with the discrepancy - Unmatched passports, unclear IDS, and errors in application and funding are all examples of discrepancy. Since Remitforex has direct contact with ICICI Canada, GIC Discrepancy can be resolved through remitforex.
  • Get the account number instantly on-screen upon submission.
  • The students can now initiate fund transfers through remitforex at low rates
  • The funding details are also provided in the same confirmation.

Cashable GIC

This option gives you access to your money before the term is up. It contains a lower rate of interest. Your money will be locked up for a 30-90 days waiting period.

Non-redeemable GIC

You cannot cash out the non –redeemable GIC accounts before maturity. They do have high-interest rates. You will incur a penalty if you are adamant about cashing out before maturity.

What next?

The student must wire $ 10,175 from their Indian bank account to the GIC account. The fund can also be transferred through remitforex account. On receipt of the amount (within 2-3 days/ can also request ICICI GIC team to speed up the process), a balance confirmation message will be delivered to the customer. It will be through secured email. This message may be submitted for a study permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Go to the nearest Unimoni branch or visit the remitforex and fill out the basic application form.
  2. Place a request to send money abroad.
  3. Submit all the required documents to initiate the transfer.

What is GIC. GIC stands for “Guaranteed Investment Certificate” which is a short term liquid investment usually for a year offered by Canadian Banks.

No, you cannot usually add money to your existing GIC account. The return will depend upon the invested/ deposited amount. The return will be received only after the maturity period.

You cannot cash out the non –redeemable GIC accounts before maturity. They do have high-interest rates. You will incur a penalty if you are adamant about cashing out before maturity.

No, you cannot usually add money to your existing GIC account. The return will depend upon the invested/ deposited amount. The return will be received only after the maturity period.

When you open a GIC account, the bank gives you a guaranteed interest rate. This amount is locked up as long as yo ur money is in the account. Always try asking for a better rate with your bank.

No, if you have non-redeemable GIC, it should stay in your account until maturity. If you have a Cashable GIC, you must wait for a short time to get the amount back. However, you can speak with your bank to see if they have any options.

The interest earned is not taxed if GIC is held in a registered investment account. However, it is taxed when non-registered.

Both accounts are similar; you can keep the amount fixed and earn interest. With GIC, your interest rates are accounted for a fixed period, whereas with HISA, your rate could fluctuate. If you need a lump sum saved for life and do not want to take it, GIC is an excellent option. And if you want to redeem the amount in a shorter period, go for HISA.

Most of the banks you deal with provide tools for calculating GIC. It helps you in estimating and calculating better rates.

There is no deadline for GIC transfer. Banks are totally independent from IRCC

Under non-SPP application, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is not compulsory. Savings in the bank, other investments, and education loan are all considered part of financial funds. However, documents required under non-SPP are relatively more.

The Canadian embassy has recommended a minimum of CAD 10,000 as the GIC amount for a Canada student visa. All candidates need to deposit this GIC amount for a Canadian student visa. Students can deposit anywhere between CAD 10,000 to CAD 50,000 in their respective savings accounts at a time.

The investment may only be refunded after a satisfactory verification of your visa/study permit is being declined or cancelled. You must prove this by providing the relevant confirmation that you would have received from the Canadian visa office.

GIC Rejection Reasons

Mismatched details: Your passport is the most relevant document for the bank. During the payment, make sure all the details like name, address, etc. are the same as in the passport. Skipping Processing Fees: Remember that you have to send the minimum GIC amount plus processing fees.

Disadvantages of GICs

You'll need to tie up your money for the entire term if you want to get the full return. The interest rate offered on GICs may not beat inflation. You'll be taxed on the interest earned if the GIC is held outside of a registered account.

On GICs with terms of one year or longer, interest is calculated daily on the principal amount and can either be paid monthly, annually, or compounded annually and paid at maturity.

In order to break the contract, you would have to demonstrate financial hardship and even then, it is at the discretion of the issuing financial institution, as they are under no obligation to let you redeem.

You will get your GIC certificate within 5-10 days if all the documents are proper and accurate.

  1. Transfer the amount CAD 10,200 to your GIC account
  2. CAD 2000 plus interest will be deposited in your account
  3. Receive CAS plus interest every twelve months.
  4. After 12 months, you will get back your CAD 10,000 with interest.