Outward Remittance

remitforex, powered by Unimoni financial services Ltd is a pioneer in outward remittance from India.
We at remit forex handle more than 100 Mn. USD volume of remittance per financial year.

All of our payments are getting transferred by a secure platform known as SWIFT (Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), a global member-owned co-operative and the world’s leading provider of fast financial messaging services. SWIFT was established in 1973 by European Bankers as a more efficient and secure system for interbank communications of transfer of funds/securities Payments. We can accept Funds from 14 close relatives for processing remittance transactions. (Father/Mother, Spouse, Grand Parents, Brother/Sister, Son/Daughter, Son’s Wife/Daughter’s Husband).

We transfer money abroad for various purposes like

  • Transfer for Education fees
  • Transfer for Visa fees
  • Guaranteed Investment certificate fees (GIC fees)
  • Travel and Tour related payments
  • Migration fees
  • Gift remittance
  • Close relative maintenance and many more purposes.

Why remitforex?

  • Fast and safe way to send money abroad
  • Track your overseas payments
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Assistance in processing overseas payment
  • 300+ Network will enable you to connect anywhere in India.
  • Advance rate booking options etc.

It is always advised to visit any of the authorized dealers in India to send money abroad. remitforex of Unimoni will help you to transfer your payments abroad.


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What is a remittance?

Heard of the word "remittance" but don't know what it means? Let me explain! Transferring or sending money from one party to another is a remittance. The phrase "remittance" refers to transferring funds from one country to another.

Remittance essentially assists you in ensuring the financial security of your family in one country while you are stationed in another.

  • Remittance transfers funds from one party to another, frequently across international borders.
  • Remittances are an important source of cash for a country, and they help it expand and flourish economically.
  • There are two sorts of remittances: inward and outward.
  • Wire transfers are one of the most used ways to transmit money internationally.

When you reside abroad on business, as a student, or as a migrant worker, you may need to transfer a portion of your international earnings home to support your family. You go to your bank to inquire about the fund transfer process and discover a procedure known as foreign exchange remittance.